international awards at BRAC University in Bangladesh 2020

BracU offers full and partial scholarships / financial Aid to all undergraduate and postgraduate international students who meet the eligibility criteria. Followings are the categories of BracU scholarships/financial aid:

1. BRAC Scholarship (A Needs Based Scholarship)

100% tuition and other fees (semester fees, lab fees, library etc.) waiver with food and accommodation is awarded to economically disadvantaged but meritorious students.


  • A minimum CGPA of 3.25 on a scale of 4 is required to be maintained in all the semesters.
  • if a student fails to achieve the required CGPA, s/he will be entitled to a tuition fee waiver for the next two consecutive semesters during which s/he will have to regain the required CGPA, otherwise scholarship will be discontinued.

2. Merit Scholarship Based on BracU Academic Results

The awarded scholarship will be applicable for the current semester.

To maintain scholarship in subsequent semesters, students will have to score the following CGPA.

Tuition waiver (%)10%25%50%75%100%

General Conditions applicable for scholarships/ Financial Aid:

a) In the first semester, students may take two non-credit courses plus one credit English/Math course (optional) and the Pharmacy students will have to take 15 credit hours plus a non-credit English/Math course.

b) The scholarship students are required to take at least 12 credit hours and the Pharmacy students are required to take at least 18 credit hours after the first semester.

c) Tuition fee waiver is not awarded on retake/repeat subject(s). The student is required to pay for the retake/repeat subject(s).

d) If students fail (F) in any subject(s) in a semester, s/he will not be considered for tuition fee waiver for two subsequent semesters. However, s/he will be allowed to apply in the third semester with required CGPA.

e) Students having “I” grade in a semester will be considered for Scholarship/Financial Aid in their current semester but have to pay for all the courses. If s/he obtains the required CGPA after “make-up” or grade submission, his/her waiver will be reimbursed /adjusted in the next semester.

f) Students, suspended/penalized for disciplinary reasons, will not be eligible for scholarship/financial aid for the remaining academic period at Brac University (starting from the date such decision is made).

g) If a student is eligible for more than one category of Scholarship/Financial Aid, only the higher one will be applicable.

h) Waiver is not applicable in case of Admission Fee, IT Facility Use Fee, PHR Lab Fee, Studio Lab Fee, CSE Lab Fee, Residential Fee, Library Fee, Library Membership Fee and Student Activity Fee.

i) Scholarship/Financial Aid will not be provided for the non-credit courses.

j) Waiver is awarded to the number of credit hours assigned for completion of graduation for each program. Waiver is not awarded for additional credit hours taken by a student.

k) All categories of tuition fee waiver will depend on the availability of funds.

l) The university authority reserves the right to accept or reject the application without prior notice.

m) The Scholarship/Financial Aid Policy is subject to change at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.