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This course will help you acquire basic conversation skills at the elementary level, and among the most important of these skills is learning how to introduce yourself in English, including introducing your name, your age, your nationality, your studies or your profession, etc. Special attention will be given to useful phrases and terms that are useful to you in these situations, in addition to focusing on the correct pronunciation.

You will learn in this course

  • The importance of learning the English language conversation with audio and video.
  • The best way to learn English is by conversation that you can use in many situations in your daily life.
  • How to introduce yourself in English and talk about your routines and future plans.
  • Tips on pronouncing the foreign language and pronouncing words correctly.
  • The terminology works used in those works began.
  • An example of how the English language differs from the Arabic language, which can be useful for military understanding.
  • Advice on modern methods and methods and scientific methods.

About the course:

  1. The course is in English and is a thesis for intermediate and junior students in the English language.
  2. The course is a project with the British Council is an institution for learning English in the Middle East.
  3. The course is easy to start with for anyone who has difficulty starting learning online.

Learning English: Conversational Skills for Beginners

These courses are aimed at helping you learn English that you can use practically, immediately. The focus is conversational language – the kind of language you use when you’re speaking – at an Elementary level, and there is special attention paid to useful phrases and vocabulary, as well as pronunciation.